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Tandem Loop has been working with business’ of all sizes to market their products and services online for over 10+ years. We work in tandem to learn and execute your digital marketing strategy from start to finish. We are experts when it comes to customer attraction, engagement/retention and conversion. Our team can easily determine your customer acquisition costs (CAC) and help you launch and measure the most effective campaign from the most efficient traffic sources.


Tandem Loop will work with you to provide you with services above the standard SEO and PPC management services you may have traditionally come to expect. Our search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities are only meant for companies with a strong product and service that consumers already love. This means we are very selective with our clients and do not work with start-ups or pre-revenue companies. We can help business’s with local SEO if you are located in Markham, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Mississauga, North York, Pickering, Ajax, Woodbridge, Brampton. We have had success serving customers specifically in the health care vertical and global high tech companies. If you are looking to begin and want local Markham SEO, please contact us for a quote.

Historically, Tandem Loop has built it’s expertise executing marketing campaigns for Technology companies that require deep knowledge of performance analytics and making sense of “big data”. Tandem Loop Enterprise Services now brings the same level of sophistication in executing campaigns to Small and Midsize business (SMB’s). Our client list speaks for itself:

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